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February 2020 Disney World Trip Day 2 Part 2: Continuing The Day at DHS and Will We Get On RotR?

This is Part 2 of the last blog I posted in which we rope dropped Disney’s Hollywood Studios and experienced an insanely busy park.

We left off Part 1 taking a break at the room in Pop Century and I have to mention, having the Skyliner is super nice in these situations. We barely had to wait for one and it saved so much time out of our day opposed to taking a bus. While we were in the room, I changed my Rock n Roller Coaster FP+ slot to a bit closer and we mobile ordered Ronto Wraps at Ronto Roasters for a little pregame meal before Oga’s Cantina. I also noticed while taking a rest that Rise of the Resistance was having the best day it’s had in a while and our boarding group was on a good pace to be called. I felt really confident that our group would be called within the next few hours!

We headed back to the park around 3:30 and headed straight back to Rock n Roller Coaster. It was only me and my dad who got the FP, my mom and my sister had mobile ordered food at Rosie’s All American Cafe on Sunset Boulevard, so they ate while me and my dad rode RnRC. We probably waited 10-15 minutes before entering the preshow because the line was still around 2 hours. That said, the line didn’t end up being that bad and I requested to wait an extra train for the front row. This was my fourth ever ride on the coaster and front row was absolutely my favorite seat. I think it was just launching in the tunnel in darkness in the front row made it for me.

After getting off RnRC we met up with my mom and my sister and we all headed back towards Star Wars Galaxy’s Edge where we picked up our mobile order at Ronto Roasters. Me and my dad got the famous Ronto Wrap while my Mom decided to try the Endorian Chicken Wrap. I didn’t know how much I would care for the Ronto Wrap, as while I like sausage and pork, I’m not crazy about peppercorn sauce, coleslaw, or anything really spicy. All my expectations were completely shattered after I tried it, because this is my favorite food item at Disney’s Hollywood Studios and one of them in all of Disney World. The meat had a really nice and fresh bite and flavor to it, while the peppercorn sauce and tangy slaw added the perfect amount of kick to the wrap. I had heard that the Ronto Wrap was really good, but it even shattered those expectations. I would highly recommend trying the Ronto Wrap while your at Galaxy’s Edge, you won’t be dissapointed!

After eating at Ronto Roasters, we headed over to check-in a little early for our reservation at Oga’s Cantina. We ended up booking two separate reservations within five minutes of each other, but upon checking in, the cast member combined it to one party so we can all be together. Due to Oga’s Cantina being mostly standing room only, space is very limited, so the reservations you’ll often see available are for either 1-2 people. If you have a larger party and that’s the case, I recommend booking 2 at a time with close times and a cast member will most likely put you together upon check-in.

We only waited around 5 minutes for our name to be called before our spot was ready. We stood and ordered fairly quickly. While we were waiting for our drinks, we got the notification that our boarding group had been called for Rise of the Resistance! We were given a two hour time frame to go back to the ride so we just planned to finish up at Oga’s fairly quickly and run over there to get on it. As for a drink, I ended up ordering the Carbon Freeze. It looked really cool in presentation, but the actual drink tasted eh. It was fairly hard to drink because of the dry ice, but the flavor was essentially a room temperature Powerade Lemon Lime. The popping pearls again looked cool in presentation, but weren’t easy to have with the drink and on their own tasted fairly bland. Out of the two drinks I’ve had there I haven’t really been impressed, but the atmosphere alone warrants return trips for me.

After we were done with Oga’s, we walked really fast back to Rise of the Resistance to get on. We scanned in and once we were in the queue, only waited about 5-10 minutes before we were in the first preshow with Rey. This was my second time on Rise of the Resistance, and it was just as awe-inspiring as the first time. Honestly the best part this time around was watching my family’s reaction to the entire thing. When the doors opened to the hangar where the stormtroopers are stationed, I’ll never forget my mom just screaming in awe as she stepped out and the look on all of my family’s faces. The whole experience is so amazing and is hands down my favorite ride in all of Walt Disney World. Sure getting a boarding group to get on it is a hassle, but it’s so well worth it in the end.

After getting off Rise of the Resistance, we headed back over to Alien Swirling Saucers in Toy Story Land to use a FP+ I got earlier. We were a bit past our FP+ time but were able to use the post-15 minute leeway period to get in ok. We only waited 5 minutes before we boarded our Saucer. I had more fun on it than I did the last time, but it’s still just your typical spinner ride.

After getting off Alien Swirling Saucers, we headed over to Muppet Vision 3D. We were going to do this earlier in the day, but noticed it had a line spilling outside of the entrance. I thought that later in the day crowds would die down and you could walk into the next show like normal instead of having to wait a show. Hollywood Studios was that busy to the point where you had to wait an entire show of Muppet Vision to see it. But around 5:30 we just walked into the next show. The show itself was as good as ever and is still my favorite 3D show at Walt Disney World.

We then went back on the Skyliner to drop my sister off at Pop Century because she was feeling tired and done for the day. When we got back into the park, we went over to the Trolley Car Cafe so my parents could get some coffee while I decided to try another popular Hollywood Studios snack item, the Carrot Cake Cookie. The new version they have at Trolley Car is extremely hefty and thick. Despite this, it had good flavor and wasn’t too sweet, making it an all around solid snack.

We than made our way over to Tower of Terror to use a Fastpass I had gotten while waiting for Muppet Vision 3D. The window started at 7:05 but we got in 5 minutes early at 7. The stand-by wait was still around 60-75 minutes as the line wrapped through most of the outdoor queue, but we were in the preshow in about 3 minutes after tapping in. This was the first time I ever rode it at night, and I don’t think it added anything to the ride itself though it was cool seeing the park at night from above. The ride itself is a lot of fun and provides some amazing airtime, but I prefer the fun atmosphere of Mission Breakout at California Adventure than I do the spooky atmosphere of ToT.

After riding Tower of Terror, we went over by the Chinese Theater to stake out spots to watch Star Wars: A Galactic Spectacular. I had completely forgotten about the Wonderful World of Animation show that plays before it, but we waited about 15 minutes from that to start from the time we sat down. As a big animation fan, I thought the Wonderful World of Animation was a really solid small show that does a good job highlighting key moments in the history of the animation company. I just wish they had a bit more of a tribute to the older films.

Star Wars: A Galactic Spectacular than started shortly after and as a film fan, it was awesome to hear John Williams’ brilliant scores with pyrotechnics around here. Most of the visuals were just highlights from the film series, but there was some cool visuals here and there. My favorite had to be the giant flamethrowers that ignite during a Kylo Ren sequence. The flamethrowers were so forceful I could feel so much heat from where I was standing. Overall it was a really good show that I want to see again and I’d really recommend it to anyone who’s a fan of Star Wars or film in general. If you’re not big on Star Wars and like more Disney, I would see Fantasmic! instead.

After the show ended, we headed out of the park with very little bottlenecking as we were near the back of the audience that was watching the show. We barely had to wait for the skyliner on the way back to Pop, and we got back very efficiently with no problems or waits.

We got back to the room and fairly quickly went to sleep, as we had a full day at Magic Kingdom the next day.

In the Day 3 Part 1 blog, we go to Magic Kingdom and enjoy the park despite the heavy crowd levels!

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