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Why Disney Should Bring the Tapestry of Nations Parade Back to Epcot

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As many theme park and Disney fans know, Epcot is going under major transformations in the coming years. These changes will completely revitalize the park to give it a new identity for future generations to experience. Construction, demolition, and removal of some attractions have been underway for the last 2-3 years. The most recent experience to go was the park’s nighttime spectacular, “IllumiNations: Reflections of Earth”.

Illuminations debuted at Epcot on October 1, 1999. It was created for the resort-wide Millennium Celebration. Although it was celebrated resort-wide, most of the new experiences and entertainment were at Epcot. Illuminations was the experience that lasted the longest following the Millennium Celebration, continuing 20 years after the celebration. The show ended it’s run a couple weeks ago on September 31, 2019. The show told the story of the planet Earth and emphasized the idea that humanity is a unified group of people.

The show’s finale told the theme of unity the strongest through the song “We Go On”, the large center globe opening, the torch in the middle of the globe lighting, and thousands of fireworks lighting up the night sky. It was really one of the most touching and heartfelt moments of any Disney show in history.

Illuminations temporary successor, “Epcot Forever”, debuted the day after Illuminations’ final show on October 1st. I’ve watched the show online a couple of times and as a fan of everything retro Epcot, I love the show and of course the soundtrack! In the days following it’s debut, I heard many Disney fans talk about the inclusion of the Tapestry of Nations soundtrack in the show. I had heard some things about Tapestry of Nations before, but I wasn’t too familiar with it. Though one night, my curiosity got to me and I decided to watch the parade and listen to the soundtrack. To say I was taken back would be an understatement.

The parade was the most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen Disney do. From the extremely unique floats, costumes that I’ve never seen before, large puppets that swayed through the air, and the near-perfect execution of the theme of world unity, it really moved me just watching it through a computer screen. It made me wish I could be sitting in Epcot watching the parade myself.

Despite everything I loved about the parade, the thing that moved me the most was the soundtrack. The composition that composer Gavin Greenaway created for this parade is the most elegant, soothing, and unifying music I’ve ever heard in my life.

The more and more I think about this parade, I think of reasons why Disney should bring it back to Epcot. Here are five main reasons why Disney should bring back Tapestry of Nations as part of Epcot’s massive overhaul in the next few years:

  1. The parade is timeless- Like I previously mentioned, the parade has a theme of world unity. This theme is timeless, as the theme is needed now more than ever with what has been going on in the past years.
  2. Attendance to the park would increase- If Disney announced that they were bringing Tapestry of Nations back to Epcot, people who grew up with the Millennium Celebration and Disney fans would be rushing to get in line to see the parade as soon as possible. Attendance would for sure get at the very least, a slight increase from where they are right now.
  3. The elements of the parade are extremely unique to a Disney parade even by today’s standards- The costumes, puppetry, and floats used in the parade still look nothing like the things Disney is currently using in their parades. It would bring an extremely unique experience to the parks.
  4. It’s cost effective- Disney is currently spending billions of dollars on Epcot right now. If Disney wanted to bring this parade back, it wouldn’t cost them as much as something like a brand new attraction or even a new nighttime spectacular. This is because the floats were relatively small and the costumes were very simple. This should be a fairly affordable thing for Disney to bring back!
  5. Epcot needs to bring the theme of unity back to the World Showcase- With Illuminations gone, the World Showcase currently doesn’t have anything entertainment-wise that displays the theme of world unity. Tapestry would be a welcome change to this is it would display the theme just enough. I know that Disney is integrating IP’s in the World Showcase, but it would be amazing to see something like Tapestry to remind people what the theme of the World Showcase really is, unity.

I will conclude by saying that if anyone from Disney is reading this, please take my points into consideration. In the world we live in today, people need to see a parade like Tapestry of Nations to remind them that the world shouldn’t be divided, it should be united as one!

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