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Rock ‘n’ Roller Coaster Review Starring Aerosmith Disney’s Hollywood Studios


Rock ‘n’ Roller Coaster Starring Aerosmith is a launched inverting coaster manufactured by Vekoma and is located at Disney’s Hollywood Studios and Walt Disney Studios Paris. I will specifically be reviewing the Hollywood Studios version as it’s the only one I have ridden at the moment. This ride opened at Hollywood Studios in 1999 and is located in the Sunset Boulevard section of the park. In this review, I will be breaking down the ride experience as well as giving my thoughts on it!

This attraction is located at the far end of Sunset Boulevard and is located to the left of the fork at the end of the area. Tower of Terror is on the right of the fork, and Rock ‘n’ Roller Coaster is on the left. You will enter the ride plaza under a large archway with an inverting limo going across guitar strings. The attraction’s entrance plaza is dominated by a large Fender Stratocaster that stands outside to the left of the entrance. The entrance to the attraction is on the right side of the plaza. To enter the stand-by line, you will enter on the left side. If you are a single rider, you will enter on the right side and to the right of the Fastpass entrance and if you have a Fastpass+ reservation, you will enter to the right side and to the left of the single rider entrance.

Archway. Credit:
Ride entrance. Credit:

If you are waiting stand-by, you will enter the queue and start by waiting through switchbacks outside if the line is long. The main part of the queue is a large switchback ramp that takes you up into the show building. Once you are through the ramp, you will go through a short section of the queue that goes into the show building. Once your in the show building, you will step into the fictional G-Force Records recording studio, where posters of various artists are displayed in this small area. You will then pass through a small hallway before the main preshow room. In this small hallway, there are different types of various music equipment displayed through glass. You will then be grouped into a preshow, where you will stand behind a door before you go in. If you are a Fastpass+ user, you will enter straight into the area before the preshow merging with the stand-by guests. If you are a single rider, you will also enter into the room before the preshow. The difference is you will stay with the single riders and watch the show on an elevated platform.

Outdoor area of queue. Credit:
Ramp up to show building. Credit:
Indoor queue area, posters are to the left and right. Credit:
Music equipment in queue. Credit:

Once the door opens to the preshow, you will file in filling in all available space in the room. The preshow room is themed to a recording studio, with holographic video of the Aerosmith band members behind the glass. The preshow sets up the story for the attraction. The story is that the band is late to their concert on the other side of town and they need a really fast car to get there. Stephen Tyler gives the riders backstage passes at the request of the cast member and the band’s manager calls for a super stretch limo to take the guests to the concert fast. Once the preshow ends, the doors to the loading area opens and the guests will file out into the loading area.

Preshow room. Credit:

After you enter the loading area, you will be able to see a clear view of the trains launching down the launch track into the main show building. After waiting through a small line, you will enter the loading station where you will be assigned a row by a cast member. If you want to ride in a specific row, you can ask and it will most likely be granted. Keep in mind that if you want to ride in the front, their is a separate line and will be a little longer of a wait. Once your in the train, you will pull down your over-the-shoulder restraint and store any loose articles you have with you. Once the train dispatches, you will make a left turn on to the launch track.

View of launch track before the loading station. Credit:
Loading station. Credit:

Once on the launch track, you will wait for a short moment until it’s clear to launch. Once it’s time to launch, Stephen Tyler will count you down and when he stops, the red light ahead of you will turn green and you will launch from 0 to 57 MPH in 2.8 seconds. After your train launches, you will fly straight into a Sea Serpent Roll. A Sea Serpent Roll is basically an Immelman followed immediately by a dive loop. After going through that element, you will drop among spotlight cutouts and go down another small drop though a cutout of the Hollywood sign. You will then pass more street signs while going through a left turn before hitting the mid-course break run. You will then drop off the MCBR to the left into an elevated left turn. This leads into the third and final inversion, a corkscrew. You will then bank right before quickly banking left amongst more cutouts. Then you will hit another smaller MCBR before heading into some left turns that are low to the ground before finally heading into the breaks. You will then enter the unloading station, where you will walk on the red carpet to the concert, which is really the on-ride photo area.


After unloading, you will view your on-ride photo before exiting through the “Rock Around the Shop” gift shop, where ride and other Aerosmith related merchandise is sold.

Rock Around the Shop. Credit:

My Thoughts: This is a very fun coaster and personally my favorite Disney coaster. I really like how it’s fairly intense for a Disney ride, but still keeps the amount of fun found in all the other attractions. I think the inversions are very fun and definatley add something different to the ride. What sets this ride apart though and makes it as fun as it is is the theming. Feeling like you are speeding your way to an Aerosmith concert through Los Angeles while listening to Aerosmith music is very cool. The on-ride audio of the Aerosmith music absolutely helps, the coaster would just be another indoor launch coaster if it wasn’t for the on-ride audio. It really adds something that can’t really be found on any other launch coaster. Sure their is on-ride audio on other launch coasters, but they don’t have the same impact as listening to some rock and roll from Aerosmith! My downside is the layout as a whole is kind of weak, other than the inversions it doesn’t do very much. It can also be kind of shaky toward the back, it’s still very smooth by Vekoma standards, but just beware of that.

Tips: Due to this attraction being the only coaster at Walt Disney World that goes upside down along with it being a headliner, waits can be quite heavy for this attraction. Peak wait times on an average day can range from 60-90 minutes and 100-120+ minutes on a busy day. To avoid these waits, go here within the first or last hour of operation or use a Fastpass+ reservation. This attraction is in Tier 2, meaning it can be picked along with one other non-Toy Story Land attraction. This is an absolute no brainer in Tier 2 if you want to ride really bad. This, along with Star Tours and Tower of Terror, are the only three attractions in Tier 2 that will save you time. Their is also a single rider line, but I hear it moves very slowly on most days and can sometimes be as long, or longer than the actual stand-by line, so it likely won’t save you too much time.

Final Thoughts: This is a great and fun roller coaster, especially for Disney World. It has a fun launch and inversions, and the on-ride audio is fun to jam out to during the ride. Absolutely ride this if you have the chance at Hollywood Studios!

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