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Slinky Dog Dash Review Disney’s Hollywood Studios

Ride entrance. Credit:

Slinky Dog Dash is a multi-launch family coaster manufactured by MACK Rides and is located at Disney’s Hollywood Studios at the Walt Disney World Resort. The ride is located in the Toy Story Land area of the park and opened on June 30, 2018 along with the rest of the land expansion. I got the chance to ride it for the first time this past February 2019. In this review I will be breaking down the ride experience as well as giving my thoughts on it!

The entrance to this attraction is located in it’s own part of the land. You will actually walk across a bridge that goes over the second launch in order to enter the main queue. Most of the time, the queue will actually begin near the entrance to the land because of the wait time being upwards of 90 minutes. If you have a Fastpass+ reservation, you will enter to the right of the stand-by entrance.

If you do wait in stand-by, you will wait mostly outside of the main queue if the wait is long. Once you get into the main queue, you will wind through switchbacks under the play set Andy built the coaster out of. There is some stuff to look at while you wait, but there are not any interactive elements or anything. The only entertainment is the theming around you.

Outdoor section of the main queue. Credit:
Main part of the shaded indoor queue. Credit:

After making your way through the queue, you will make your way into the loading station where a cast member will assign you a row. If you want a specific row, you can ask and the cast member will most likely grant it. Once you get into your row, you will board the train, store all loose articles in the pouch, and get ready to ride!

Loading station. Credit:

Once the train leaves the station, you will start your ride by launching up an incline into an over banked turn that goes over Toy Story Land. You will then go into an upwards helix that goes into a couple smaller hills. This is the part of the ride you can see when you enter the land and is a very fun way to start the ride. After the two smaller hills, you will go into another over bank turn. After that, you will turn into the second launch. The train doesn’t actually accelerate immediately. It will stop, move backwards slightly like a wind up toy, and gradually accelerate up the main hill and drop of the ride. It is quite small, but is very fun in the back row and gives a fantastic view of Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge. After that launch and drop, you will then go over four small bunny hills that just keep the fun going during the second half of the ride. You will then bank down and go into a small twisty section that goes into the final break run. While waiting on the break run, an animatronic figure of Wheezy sings the classic “You’ve Got a Friend In Me” while you are waiting to return to the station.


Once you return to the station, you will exit to your right back out into Toy Story Land.

My Thoughts: In my very short trip to the park, I only rode this once and I decided to ride in the back row. I have to say after that one back row ride, that this is a very solid family coaster. It’s my favorite family coaster at Walt Disney World. The launches are not very forceful at all, which is completely what I expected and it’s a family coaster so I don’t expect the launches to be forceful. That doesn’t mean that they can’t be fun, because these launches are very fun. The first half of the ride was ok, but I defiantly liked the second half more. That second launch, although gradual, is still tons of fun, and the bunny hills into the final twisty section ended out the ride very well in my opinion. I didn’t go in expecting too much, but this is a very fun family coaster.

Tips: Due to this being one of the newest headliners at Hollywood Studios, this coaster builds long lines from the moment the rope drops. Waits can range around from 75-95 minutes on an average day, and 100-130+ on busy days. In order to avoid these lines, you will want to make this your first ride to hit at rope drop or use your Tier 1 Fastpass selection here. In order to book a Fastpass, you will need to book one 60 days out if your staying on-site. You will not get a FP at the 30 day booking period for off site guests, but keep refreshing to see if one comes up.

Final Thoughts: Slinky Dog Dash is my favorite family Disney coaster. It has a unique layout, great theming, and fun elements that will keep you smiling throughout the whole ride. Absolutely ride it if your at Disney’s Hollywood Studios and you have the chance to ride this unique family coaster!

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