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Star Tours-The Adventures Continue Review Disney’s Hollywood Studios


Star Tours-The Adventures Continue is a motion simulator attraction manufactured and designed by Walt Disney Imagineering located at Disney’s Hollywood Studios, with identical versions at Disneyland, Tokyo Disneyland, and Disneyland Paris. For this review we will be specifically talking about the Hollywood Studios version. This is located in the Echo Lake section of the park right across from Commissary Lane. In this review I will be breaking down the ride experience as well as giving my thoughts on it.

When you are walking to this attraction from the Echo Lake or Commissary Lane area of the park, you will be greeted by this massive statue of an AT-AT as you approach the entrance of the attraction. The entrance is located directly right of the stage that hosts the Jedi Training Academy. If you are waiting stand-by you will enter on your right, and if you have a Fastpass+ reservation you will enter on your left.

Ride entrance. Credit:

If you enter the stand-by queue, depending on how long the line is, you will first wait in an outdoor queue portion in a forest like area. Once you enter the indoor queue, you will walk past a ship with R2-D2 and CP3O in animatronic form with a big flight board giving flight information. This is because the story of the attraction is that you are getting on a ship to travel around the Star Wars universe. After passing this room, you will enter a cargo area where bags are being loaded on to the ship and where droid animatronics are present. After this portion of the queue, you will pick up your 3D glasses, and a cast member will guide your party towards your simulator.

Starspeeder in the queue. Credit:
Droid in queue. Credit:
Cargo area in queue. Credit:

After being guided to your simulator, you will stand behind the automatic door to the simulator as you wait to board. During this time, a comedic pre-show will play that demonstrates the safety procedures for the ride. Once the time passes, the automatic door will open and you will walk up r=the ramp to the simulator and take your seat.

Loading area. Credit:

Once you board the simulator, you will fasten your seat belt and put on your 3D glasses and the ride will begin. CP30 will introduce himself as the ship’s captain and the ride sequence will start. I say ride sequence because I can’t break down this ride. This is because every time you will have a different ride sequence, or at least it will feel that way. You may have the same scenes, but no two rides should be the exact same, which makes this simulator a very unique and reridable one. Once your ride sequence ends, CP30 says thank you for flying and you will unfasten your seat belt and exit down the ramp.

Inside the simulator. Credit:
One of the scenes you may see during your ride. Credit:

Once you exit down the ramp, you will proceed down a long hallway into Tatooine Traders, a gift shop where various Star Wars merchandise is sold.

Tatooine Traders. Credit:

My Thoughts: When I rode in 2011, 2013, and twice in 2016, I really loved this ride. I thought it was super fun and I really enjoyed it. When I rode again this past February, I couldn’t help but be a little dissapointed. Maybe it’s because I had ridden Flight of Passage two hours before, but I didn’t enjoy it as much as I did in the past. It’s still fun and absolutely worth your time to ride. I do like how they updated it to where your ride sequence isn’t the same every time. It makes it very rerideable, especially for big Star Wars fans who wish to travel in many different locations in the Star Wars universe. One cool takeaway I had when I rode in February was that my ride sequence included a pod racing scene, I have never gotten a ride sequence close to having that before, so that was very cool. It’s just that as Disney ride technology is beginning to advance in the greatest ways possible, this attraction is becoming slightly more outdated.

Tips: Due to this rides high capacity, the wait times for this attraction are never too long. Wait times will normally average around 20-35 minutes on a normal day and 40-55 minutes on a busy day. I would recommend hitting this attraction within the first two hours of park opening or after 4 pm. This is a Tier 2 Fastpass selection at DHS. I would prioritize Rock n Roller Coaster and Tower of Terror over this, but if you have anyone in your group who doesn’t want to ride any of those rides, then defiantly get a Fastpass for this. This would also be a good use of a 4th, 5th, etc. FP after you have used your original three.

Final Thoughts: Star Tours-The Adventures Continue is becoming a little more outdated as time goes on. That still doesn’t stop it from being a very fun ride that is very rerideable due to the randomized ride sequences. Definatly ride it if you’re at Disney’s Hollywood Studios and have the chance to!

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