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Animal Kingdom Fastpass+: A Guide


So I am taking a break from ride reviews to bring you a new series for these Disney Parks; Fastpass+ guides. I have kind of already covered this in the tips section of this review, but in this post I really hope to go more in depth with giving tips so you can make the best Fastpass+ selections for when you go to Disney’s Animal Kingdom! This is not going to be me telling you that you absolutely have to get these Fastpasses, as everyone has their own preferences of what they like to ride, but rather a guide to give you some tips of what to consider when you are making your Fastpass+ selections.

First thing to note is that Animal Kingdom is one of three parks to have a tiered Fastpass system. You can pick one attraction from tier 1 and two from tier 2. I will be breaking down each of the options and why you should or shouldn’t consider using one of your three options. Your options for Animal Kingdom are as follows:

Tier 1:

  • Avatar Flight of Passage
  • Na’vi River Journey

Tier 2:

  • Expedition Everest
  • Festival of the Lion King
  • Finding Nemo- The Musical
  • It’s Tough to be a Bug!
  • Kali River Rapids
  • Kilimanjaro Safaris
  • Mickey and Minnie Meet and Greet at Adventures Outpost
  • Primeval Whirl
  • Rivers of Light
  • UP! A Great Bird Adventure

Lets start by breaking down our Tier 1 options, which are the two Pandora-The World of Avatar attractions:

Avatar Flight of Passage- Due to this attractions high popularity and very long wait times, this is one of the hardest Fastpasses to reserve at Disney World. In order to get a Fastpass for this attraction, you need to be staying at a Disney resort and booking 60 days out. If you are staying off-site, Fastpasses will already be gone. If you somehow can’t book a Fastpass for this attraction, you will have to rope drop it, and I’d recommend getting a Fastpass for Na’vi River Journey instead. A FoP Fastpass will save you the most time out of any ride at Walt Disney World, and that alone makes it the highest Fastpass+ priority at Animal Kingdom

Na’vi River Journey- This ride will normally have a long wait and is not worth more than a 40 minute wait, thus making a Fastpass on most days necessary. This is a good Fastpass to choose if you have young kids or have people who don’t want to ride Flight of Passage in your party. Fastpasses for this are pretty available up until after the 30-day off site booking period, where there will be little to no availability left. It’s not as sacred as a FoP Fastpass, but still well worth using on any given day.

After you choose one of the Pandora attractions, you still have two experiences in the rest of the park to choose from:

DINOSAUR- This ride normally has pretty long waits in the afternoon, but waits are fairly short in the morning and close to park closing, thus making a Fastpass selection in the afternoon worthwhile, but a selection in the morning and evening a waste. If you are insistent on getting on this attraction and want to do many other things in the park, make a Fastpass reservation for the afternoon, while hitting all other major attractions in the morning. If you are more insistent on getting on other attractions, make a reservation for two other experiences and try to ride in the morning or before park close.

Expedition Everest- Everest normally sees fairly long wait times all day other than right after park opening, especially since Pandora brought in more crowds. This is a highly recommended Fastpass selection if your entire party wants to ride. If your party doesn’t mind splitting up, there is a single rider line, which will save you the same amount of time in most cases. But due to the consistently long wait times and it being a headliner, this is a definite recommended selection unless someone from your party doesn’t want to ride.

Festival of the Lion King- Using a Fastpass selection for shows usually won’t save you any time, and this one is no exception. The only circumstance where I would book a Fastpass is if the park is very busy and you are very insistent on seeing the show. You can make it into any show through stand-by with ease, so using a Fastpass on this show would be a waste.

Finding Nemo- The Musical- This traces back to my show argument and this show is more of the same. This show, along with Lion King, is extremely well done, but the theaters sit so many people that a Fastpass is unnecessary. This is another show where a Fastpass is only needed if the park is really, really busy and you are very insistent on seeing the show.

It’s Tough to be a Bug!- What’s worse than using a Fastpass+ reservation on a show, using it for a 4D attraction. Due to the limited popularity and high capacity, this attraction should never be pre-selected for a Fastpass. This attraction always sees short waits and you can normally get into the next show in stand-by. This should be your lowest priority in terms of Fastpasses at Animal Kingdom.

Kali River Rapids- Selecting a Fastpass for this attraction really depends on the weather. If it’s a hot, summer day in Florida, a Fastpass for the middle of the day would be a really good use, as waits are usually at their longest in the hottest parts of the day. If it’s on the cooler side, this attraction doesn’t see waits as long at all, so using Fastpass would be kind of a waste. I would use a Fastpass on this on a very hot, summer day where that Florida sun is beaming down and you feel like getting soaked. Don’t use it if it’s on the cooler side, as you can normally get on the ride stand-by with a fairly short wait.

Kilimanjaro Safaris- Due to this being the attraction that essentially defines Animal Kingdom, the waits are normally the longest in the park outside of Pandora and easily the highest Tier 2 Fastpass priority. This ride can be ridden by all ages as it doesn’t have a height requirement, so this can be ridden by everyone in any party. I would highly recommend getting a Fastpass for this attraction, as it can be ridden by everyone and availability on the day of is slim to none.

Mickey and Minnie at Adventures Outpost- I would only recommend making a reservation for this if your a party that is very insistent on meeting characters. If you are more of a rides/attractions person and don’t really care about meeting characters, pick two attractions that will arguably save you more time. If you have kids/other people in your party who do really want to meet characters, especially The Big Cheese and Minnie themselves, you might want to consider this as a selection. This experience will see fairly long waits in the peak times of the day, so using a Fastpass on this if you are insistent on doing it wouldn’t be a bad use at all.

Primeval Whirl- Due to this attraction having two different tracks to allow for extra capacity, the lines for this ride aren’t so bad. If you are a guest looking to get on everything, this would be a good 4th, 5th FP to get in the middle of the day when the lines are at their longest and you’ve hit all the other headliners. If you are a coaster enthusiast looking to ride both sides for the two different credits, you might want to book this as one of your three Fastpasses just to guarantee you’ll get on both sides. Otherwise, booking a Fastpass reservation early will be a bit of a waste since their are other options that will save you more time.

Rivers of Light- I will say this right off the bat, DO NOT make this one of your three Fastpass selections. I say this simply because if you choose this as one of your three Fastpass selections, you won’t be able to make additional selections after using the original three Fastpasses since the showtime is usually near or right at park closing. It’s not even like you need a Fastpass for this, as stand-by seating is normally plentiful anyways. If you do want to Fastpass it, make it a 4th or 5th selection and make sure everything else you need is done, as you won’t have the opportunity for additional Fastpasses if you go through with using it.

UP! A Great Bird Adventure- I’ve already said what I needed to say about using Fastpass+ for shows. This show is even less popular then all the other shows at the park. That means you can get into any showtime through stand-by at ease, making Fastpass+ completely unnecessary.

This concludes my guide to what to use Fastpass+ for at Disney’s Animal Kingdom! Make sure to like the post and also please comment down below to share if you thought this was helpful or not.

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