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Doctor Doom’s Fearfall Review Islands of Adventure

Attraction entrance. Credit:

Doctor Doom’s Fearfall is a drop tower manufactured by S&S Worldwide and is located at Universal’s Islands of Adventure in Orlando, Florida. The ride opened with the park on May 28, 1999, and is located in the Marvel Super Hero Island area of the park. It is located between the entrances to The Incredible Hulk Coaster and Amazing Adventures of Spider-Man. Today I will be looking into the ride experience as well as giving my thoughts on it.

The entrance to the ride is in it’s own little alleyway in Marvel Super Hero Island. You will enter the queue under the wait time sign. There is a test seat out in front of the entrance, so guests with larger stature should try it before getting in line and waiting. Once your in the queue, the first room you will come to is a room where Doctor Doom is displaying all his suits and has all his gadgets on display. The next room is a ramp that takes you up to the ride, and is filled with fog while a big screen plays some backstory on the attraction. Be aware that this room smells like a fog machine, so if you do not like the smell be warned of that. To say this queue surprised me would be an understatement. I was blown away at how well done this queue is! It’s just as immersive as other queues in the park but is different in it’s own right.

First room of the queue. Credit:
Ramp up to loading platform in queue. Credit:

After heading up the ramp, you will be grouped into groups of four and you will wait for your door to open and you will board the ride. Once you board, you will pull down your over-the-shoulder restraint and your ride will begin. The ride starts by lifting off the ground a few feet before a countdown starts. Once the countdown hits one, you will be shot up 200 feet in the air and drop a couple of times giving some nice airtime moments. You will then come back to the ground, undo your over-the-shoulder restraint, and exit.

Ride in action. Credit:

You will exit down some stairs into an arcade, where you can play arcade games for an additional fee.

Arcade at the exit. Credit:

My Thoughts: Despite it being a very short ride, I thought it was fun. I have been on a few of these S&S shot/drop towers and all of them have been fun. This one is by far the best, due to it being a complete experience rather than just another flat ride. I like how it gives a different view depending on where you sit. Half of the sections of seats faces Marvel Super Hero Island and the other half sees outside the park into the I-Drive part of Orlando. I was fortunate to see I-Drive, and it was cool to see the outside world of Orlando despite being in the park. Like I said, I really liked the queue and the ride was fun and a nice quick thrill. It’s one of the shortest rides at the park, but it’s still very thrilling and fun!

Tips: On an average day, the ride should have around a 15-30 minute wait with around a 30-50 minute wait on busy days. If the line is 20 minutes or less, I would highly recommend waiting in the queue. If the line is 25 minutes or over, or you really just want to ride without any wait, there is a single rider line! The single rider line is located to the left of the entrance marked by a little sign. There is always little to no wait for single riders, so plan accordingly. Do this ride when you want a nice and quick thrill in the middle of the day after you have done all the other major attractions!

Final Thoughts: Doctor Doom’s Fearfall is a nice, quick, and thrilling experience that will give you a fun ride. It does what a S&S drop tower should, shoot you up and give you some nice pops of airtime. Ride it if your at Islands of Adventure and get the chance to ride.

NOTE: This ends my series of Universal attraction reviews. There are still some attractions that I unfortunately did not get to experience when I was at the resort in February, so I hope to add on to this series in the near future. Reviews from the Walt Disney World parks starting with Animal Kingdom will be coming up next, so stay tuned for those and a lot more content coming to Coaster Network!

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