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The Incredible Hulk Coaster Review Islands of Adventure

Ride entrance. Credit:

The Incredible Hulk Coaster is a launched looping roller coaster manufactured by Bolliger & Mabillard (B&M) and is located at Universal’s Islands of Adventure. The coaster originally opened with the park on May 28, 1999, but in August of 2016 it reopened with new track, theme, trains, and soundtrack all while retaining the same layout. The only thing that changed the ride itself in 2016 was the track, the actual layout remained the same. I got to experience this coaster twice when I was at the park in February, so I will be talking about the ride experience as well as my thoughts on it.

The first thing you will notice when you go to ride is that you need to put every loose article you have in a locker or left with a non-rider. This is the same policy Hollywood Rip Ride Rockit has over at USF, where nothing is allowed on the ride. To assure this, you have to pass through metal detectors when you enter the queue line. Lockers are free and can be accessed by scanning your park ticket.

Lockers in the attraction’s plaza. Credit:

After passing through the metal detectors is where the main part of the queue begins. The queue is themed after a science experiment conducted by General Ross from the Hulk Comics. This is a very cool queue, as there is stuff to look at and it feels right out of a comic book!

Main queue area. Credit:

After waiting in the queue, you will come to a point where a grouper will ask how many are in your party and if you want the front row. If you are insistent on riding in the front row, you will be ushered into a longer line for the front row specifically. If you don’t care what row you are in, you will be ushered into a shorter line. If you choose the ladder, another grouper will put your party in a row and you will board the coaster.

Station. Credit:

After the gates open, you will sit in the train and pull down your hard over-the-shoulder restraint found on most B&M coasters. The coaster starts by making a small right turn before starting to slowly move up the launch tube. As you are slowly moving, gamma rays will light up as the story of the coaster is General Ross is turning the riders into the Hulk. You will then launch out of the tube while hearing the Hulk’s iconic roar, right into the first inversion, a zero-g roll. After the zero-g roll you will go down the coaster’s main drop into a cobra roll. Most cobra rolls are just fine, but this one is cool, because you are traversing it over water. You will then do a vertical loop before dropping into a tunnel of mist and turning around back into a corkscrew that goes over the coaster’s entrance. Then the coaster drops into a small trench where it enters another vertical loop. You then do a couple turns before hitting the mid-course break run. After hitting the MCBR, you drop down into another corkscrew. After a banked turn and an upwards helix that takes you to the final break run. You then enter back into the station where you unload and exit to an area where you can get your on-ride photo and go back out into Marvel Super Hero Island.

Zero-G roll after launch pre-2016 refurb. Credit:
Coaster coming out of tunnel after vertical loop. Credit:
Corkscrew over entrance. Credit:

My Thoughts: I really love this coaster. This is my personal favorite coaster AND attraction in all of Universal Orlando Resort. It is exhilarating, fun, and intense. It was pretty smooth, I didn’t feel a rattle or any shakiness at any point. The one point that may be a little jarring is the transition into the MCBR, but it’s nothing to worry about! The launch into the zero-g roll was the highlight of the ride for me, and the rest of the ride felt so compact. It was fun but at the same time had some good intensity. I ended up riding it twice, the first time was in the second to back row and the second time was somewhere in the middle. I don’t have a preference of seating because the ride was just as good both times. As out of the B&M’s I’ve ridden, it is not as good as Kumba but I do have to put it above the floorless coasters and wing coasters. Although it was refurbished in 2016, it still has the intensity and the flat out exhilaration of an old school B&M.

Tips: Since this coaster is essentially an icon at Islands of Adventure, the ride can see long wait times. Usually 30-50 minutes on an average day and 55-80 on a busy day. There is never an easy way to tell the wait time with this coaster, because when I was at the park I rode with an express pass because the ride broke down in the morning and the ride was at a 45 minute wait. I came back later for another ride and I walked on stand-by, but when I came off the line was 40 minutes. As you can see the wait for this attraction can get very spotty so plan accordingly. If you are a coaster enthusiast go here first, if you are just a visitor looking to ride rides visit after going to some of the other major attractions such as Kong and Potter. This attraction does have a single-rider line, so if the wait is long and you do not mind being separated from your party that is an alternative option for a shorter wait. Keep in mind there is a front row line that will be longer, so if you want to ride in the front row, your wait will be increased.

Final Thoughts: The Incredible Hulk Coaster is an awesome B&M Looping Coaster! It is very fun, very exhilarating while also being compact that makes it intense. The launch is breathtaking, the inversions are fun, and it’s smooth to make it enjoyable. Ride it when you are at the park and are looking for a good thrill!

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