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The Cat in The Hat Review Islands of Adventure

Attraction entrance. Credit:

The Cat in The Hat is a dark ride based of the beloved book that is manufactured by MTS Systems and is located at Universal’s Islands of Adventure. The attraction opened with the park on May 28, 1999 and is located in the Seuss Landing area of the park. In this review I will be looking into the ride experience as well as giving my thoughts on it!

The ride is located on the side of Seuss Landing that is closer to Port of Entry. If you walk into the land from Port of Entry, the ride’s entrance is directly on your right. Although this ride is visible from most of the land, as the attraction’s facade of a giant version of The Cat’s hat sticks out. You will enter under the Cat’s hat where the queue will begin. The queue is themed after the first page of the book, where you will see a set piece of the two kids look out the window as it’s raining. You will then pass through some more theming before boarding your ride vehicle.

Set piece in queue. Credit:
Ride vehicles in the station. Credit:

After boarding, you will set off on your journey where you will be introduced by the Cat and the fish. You will then see Cat balance things on his hat like he does in the book in animatronic and screen form. You then come across Thing 1 and Thing 2, who scurry around your ride vehicle. The two things are then causing havoc to the house as your ride vehicle spins through scenes of the Thing’s mischief. After being hypnotized by the Cat, you will try to catch Thing 1 and Thing 2. The Thing’s are then seen captured by a net, and the Cat cleans up the mess before the mother gets home, and that is when the vehicle reaches the unloading station. There isn’t too much to explain here as the ride follows the book beat by beat.

Opening scene. Credit: ScubaSteveX1 on YouTube
Cat cleaning the house. Credit: ScubaSteveX1 on YouTube

After unloading, you will exit into the Cats, Hats and Things gift shop, where Cat in the Hat related merchandise is sold.

Cats, Hats, and Things gift shop. Credit: iThemePark on YouTube

My Thoughts: I said this during the ride and I still stand by it, this four minute ride is a much more faithful and better adaptation of the book than the feature length live action film was. This ride absolutely captures the spirit of Dr. Seuss’s classic and timeless story while also being an enjoyable ride. The ride vehicle spins through the scene transitions, which makes it a little more exciting than a classic dark ride. Although a bit dated, the animatronics are cool and they work in this world of the Cat in the Hat. If I had one complaint, it is on the shorter side, but I can appreciate a classic dark ride any day, especially one that is based of such a beloved and timeless book like Cat in the Hat!

Tips: Along with being a solid dark ride, the attraction never really sees long waits! On an average day the wait will be around 5-15 minutes and on busy days should be around 15-30. Go here when you need a break from the hot, Florida sun and want to relax while taking in the story of The Cat in the Hat.

Final Thoughts: The Cat in the Hat dark ride does a very good job capturing the spirit of the book. If Dr. Seuss was still alive today he would be proud of what the Universal Creative team has done to bring his flagship story to life. Ride it when you need a break from the other crazy rides of Islands of Adventure!

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