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The Simpsons Ride Review Universal Studios Florida

Ride plaza and entrance. Credit:

The Simpsons Ride is a simulator ride manufactured by Oceaneering International and is located at Universal Studios Orlando and Universal Studios Hollywood. Today we will be looking at the Orlando version, but this review can be applied for the Hollywood version as the two are basically the same. In Orlando, the ride is located in the Springfield area of the park and opened in 2008, replacing Back to the Future: The Ride, which used a similar ride system.

Back to the Future: The Ride (1991-2007). Credit:

You begin your experience by entering through the large head of Krusty the Clown and entering the queue. Most likely, you will start by heading up a small ramp while a monitor plays clips showing off Krusty’s park. If the wait is on the longer side, you will enter the extended queue which is a set of switchbacks with little to no theming.

After heading up the small ramp, a grouper will group you and your party will head up a bigger ramp into one of the many first pre-show rooms. In the first pre-show room, there are small TV’s showing the Simpson family getting picked to ride Krusty’s biggest thrill ride. There are also screens displaying posters of Krusty’s park, some even spoofing or making fun of the Disney parks!

First pre-show room. Credit:

After the first pre-show, you are ushered by a team member to a much smaller fun house themed room by a team member. This is the most awkward part of the experience, as you are in this room with your party and the safety video that plays doesn’t start playing for like 5 minutes. I was riding this with my family and we were all confused as we were just standing there for a good 5 minutes just waiting for the video to start. Once the video eventually starts, it’s basically a comedic safety spiel about the ride with typical Simpsons shenanigans.

The door will then open from the room where you enter your ride vehicle, themed after a roller coaster car with a big Krusty head on the back. These vehicles sit 8 people, 4 riders in two rows and have a lap bar that comes down.

Ride vehicle. Credit:

After boarding your ride vehicle and pulling down your lap bar, you will raise up with all the other ride vehicles around a large IMAX screen and the ride begins. The ride starts as the roller coaster the Simpsons are on goes off the rails and Homer is chased by a giant wrecking ball. Then the ride goes into the kiddie land before Sideshow Bob knocks you to a ride that is a parody of Pirates of the Caribbean. You then go through a water tower, Hell, and then go through Springfield before Maggie enlarges and the riders encounter on her sucking on them. As Maggie spits the riders out, the riders are sprayed with water and a very distinct smell of baby powder is released. This is one of the strongest smells I’ve ever smelled on a simulator ride. Kang and Kodos then turn the Simpsons couch into a death drop ride and Sideshow Bob prepares to kill them. Bob then gets crushed by the Krustyland head and your vehicle lowers down. You then pull up the lap bar and exit down a ramp back into the park.

A scene from the beginning of the ride. Credit:

My Thoughts: I wasn’t expecting too much from this ride, but I have to admit I liked it! I felt very immersed in the cartoon world of the Simpsons. The ride along with being fun was very witty and funny. It was just all around a great time. Although I had fun and liked it, I rode with my family and they came off feeling really different. They said after riding that they felt very motion sick and dizzy. I could see how it could make people motion sick as you were in a small motion vehicle encompassed by a large IMAX screen, so you could feel a little motion sick. But for me personally, it didn’t bother me as the motions weren’t too extreme and I was able to enjoy the ride!

Wait Times/Tips: The wait times for this attraction are never too bad. On an average day the wait should be around 25-40 minutes, but if you do go on a busy day, expect to wait around 45-65 minutes. There is a single rider line that is used during very busy times of the year, but that is subject to change so be on the lookout for that.

Final Thoughts: This is a solid ride that is funny and worth doing once! Don’t ride if you have motion sickness as my family came off and they typically don’t come off simulator rides motion sick, so make note of that. Otherwise, do it if you love the Simpsons or just want to go on a ride for a fun time!

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