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Men In Black: Alien Attack Review Universal Studios Florida

Ride Sign. Credit:

Men in Black: Alien Attack is a shooting dark ride manufactured by MTS Systems Corporation located at Universal Studios Florida. The ride is located in the World Expo area of the park and is based off the Men in Black film series. Today I will be talking about the experience so you can know what to expect when you go to ride, and my thoughts on it.

The first thing you’ll notice when you go to ride is that you will need to put your bags in a locker. I was surprised to know that you needed to and I still don’t get why although I suspect it’s the spinning of the ride vehicles, but I can easily can’t see an issue with bags.

Ride lockers. Credit: Inside Universal on Twitter

After you store your bags in a locker, you will enter the queue. The queue for a long wait is mainly outside with a shaded cover with very minimal theming, but this ride never really has too long of a wait. If it does, be ready to wait in the hot Florida sun.

After the outdoor queue, if you even have to wait in it, you get grouped in with people in the lobby of “The Universe and You” exhibit at the New York World’s Fair. There is narration that is cut short by a MIB team member that ushers your group into an elevator down to where the main queue begins. The main queue beings when you pass by a break room with two alien animatronics. These aliens are very creepy but honestly very cool looking. You then pass by the main part of the queue, the immigration room. This room is very control room-like, but is very well done.

Break Room in queue. Credit:
Immigration Room. Credit:

After passing through a small weapons room, you go down some stairs to enter the loading station where you board a ride vehicle equipped with a gun. The gun is attached to a wire so it is movable. In order to score the most points in your group, you must shoot the aliens and cardboard cutouts, as their are no specific targets to hit. Their are sensors are in the animatronics and cardboard cutouts.

Loading station with ride vehicles. Credit:

The ride begins as you transverse through the heart of New York City where you try to shoot aliens who are invading the city. There then comes a point where you come face to face with another ride vehicle on the other side of you as you pass through a scanner. The scanner tells the riders they are aliens in disguise, causing the riders to shoot at each other. You then approach a large animatronic bug named Edgar where you can shoot it for even more points. The vehicles then spin out of control a few times before giving your group a ranking based on the group’s average score; Bug Bait, Cosmically Average, or Galactic Defender. Agent J then congratulates or tells you better luck next time depending on how your group did, and you enter the unload station.

A show scene at the beginning of the ride. Credit:

After exiting your ride vehicle, you go up a flight of stairs and walk down a ramp to the ride’s gift shop, where you can also receive your on-ride photo.

Gift shop at the end of the ride.. Credit:

My Thoughts: This is one of, if not my favorite shooting dark rides out there. I found this ride to be so much fun as shooting dark rides are. But this didn’t have specific targets, so that made it easier to shoot. Also, the ride vehicles spun, which added a little bit of a thrill factor that I haven’t seen in a shooting dark ride that made it that much more fun. The queue isn’t anything special, but the ride well makes up for it!

Tips: The ride does have a single rider line that never seems to have a wait regardless of how long the line is. Just note that single riders AND Express users forgo the pre-show and elevator ride, and single riders miss most of the queue. I would go once to see the queue, but if your using Express don’t worry about missing the pre-show and elevator ride, as it’s not worth waiting in line for. You’re better off with a reduced wait and seeing the queue, so take that into consideration.

Final Thoughts: I really like this ride. It is a great shooting dark ride and is very re-ride able so you can try to get a higher score. It is fun for the whole family, is well worth it, and I highly recommend it!

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