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Fast and Furious: Supercharged Review Universal Studios Florida

Ride entrance. Credit:

Fast & Furious: Supercharged is a dark ride manufactured in-house by Universal. It opened in 2018 at Universal Studios Florida, but debuted as an attraction for the Universal Studios Hollywood backlot tour in 2015. The ride at USF it is located in the San Francisco area of the park as it’s own experience. This ride has received fairly negative reviews from guests for it’s over reliance on screens. Today I am going to give you my thoughts on the experience and take you through it so you know what to expect when you go to ride!

Just a bit of prior history, their were two attractions in place before this opened. Earthquake: The Big One opened with the park in 1990 and ran until 2007, and Disaster!: A Major Motion Picture Ride… Starring You opened in early 2008 and ran until September 2015. Both had different pre shows, but the main ride remained the same as it was based off of the Earthquake attraction in the tram tour at the Hollywood park.

Earthquake: The Big One (1990-2007). Credit:

Disaster: A Major Motion Picture Movie Ride… Starring You! (2008-2015) Credit:

Now back to Fast & Furious! When you go to ride Fast & Furious you first enter a plaza with a nice fountain that leads to the entrance. As you enter the stand-by queue, you first go through the outdoor section of the queue. In the outdoor section you will see some cars and a cool BBQ setup based on one of the films. It gives some really nice touch and detail!

BBQ setup in outdoor queue. Credit:

You then will enter the main indoor portion of the queue, which is a garage filled with cars and gadgets. I do have to admit, I had heard so many bad things about this ride but I do have to say that the queue was very solid. There is so much to look at, especially if you like cars. There are some really cool cars to look at, even some that were used in the movies. After the main part of the garage, you enter more inside and you see all the work stations of the characters. Here there are some cool gadgets to look at including some easter eggs from the movie and former attractions.

Main part of the garage in the queue. Credit:
Truck in the last part of the garage in the queue. Credit:

At the end of the queue you will be grouped up with other riders and enter the first pre-show. This ride has two pre-shows around five minutes each. In the first pre-show, Mia Toretto explains that Dom has won another race and the guests have been invited to celebrate at a party. Tej then comes on the monitor saying that the party buses have arrived and then you are sent into his war room, the second pre-show. In this pre-show, Tej is called by Dom and Dom says that the FBI is homing on their location. Tej explains the plot to Dom, and you then proceed to the loading area to board your party bus. I expected nothing out of the pre-shows, but the human actors playing the roles were actually hilarious and made the pre-shows a lot more entertaining, so that was a plus! Although it was a little awkward how they interacted with obvious pre recorded spiels on the monitors.

Tej’s war room. Credit:

After the war room, you make your way up to the loading station to board your party bus. The ride uses the same ride system as Skull Island: Reign of Kong over at Islands of Adventure, in that it’s a big motion vehicle that motions with the 360 degree screens.

The party bus ride vehicle. Credit:

After you board your party bus, you begin your ride by moving through a dark hallway while Tej talks about some plot points on the overhead monitors. You then go through an alleyway with some cars to the party. This honestly was pretty cool, as it reminded me of a set you’d see in like a Hollywood set, so that was really well done.

Then you stop in the next scene where you arrive at the party before Agent Novak comes in and shuts it down. After some confrontation between the characters and Novak, screeching cars are heard in the background and you move on to a 360 degree tunnel where the main ride takes place.

You then begin the main part of the ride which is a CGI-fest of a screen chase of cars down a freeway while being sprayed with water and being uncomfortably blasted with smoke. After your 3-minute main portion, Tej welcomes you back and you exit to your left which leads to the gift shop, where you can buy ride and other Fast & Furious related merchandise.

Section of gift shop after the ride. Credit: bioreconstruct on Twitter

My Thoughts: I’m basically on board with other theme park insiders opinions, I really did not like this ride. To say I hated it would be a longshot though, as I honestly thought the queue was pretty cool and the employees in the pre-shows were really hilarious and made that portion of the experience better. But the ride I just didn’t like, I just felt like I was just watching CGI people and cars all around me while it was LOUD and smoke that smelled bad was being blasted in my face every minute, oh, and the occasional spray of water. It’s weird because I had heard everything about the ride was bad, I just found the main ride portion, which is honestly what you wait in line for so it’s what people, including me, see as the ride, was just very poorly executed. I really would have liked Universal to use this IP better, it deserves a ride for sure, but it deserves one much more fast and more furious!

Tips: Luckily, there are many ways to cut your wait time for this ride! There is the virtual line system, which lets you grab a time from a kiosk outside the attraction or on the app and come back and ride later. I would highly suggest doing this if the line is 20+ minutes, as it will dramatically decrease your wait time. Also, this ride has a single rider line, which will really only help if your a single rider. If you are with a group of people and the line is a bit on the longer side, go with the virtual line.

Final Thoughts: This ride really just isn’t good. I would still do it once with a virtual line pass or if the wait is short, but if you can’t get to it, you won’t be missing much. It’s a poorly executed ride for the IP it’s based off of that really isn’t exciting. Do it with a short wait or just skip it all together.

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