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Revenge of the Mummy Review Universal Studios Florida

Revenge of the Mummy is an indoor launch coaster manufactured by Premier Rides and is located at Universal Studios Orlando, Universal Studios Hollywood, and Universal Studios Singapore. Today we I will be looking at and reviewing the Orlando version as that is the only one I have ridden at the moment.

The coaster opened in 2004 in Orlando and replaced Kongfrontation. Kongfrontation opened with the park in 1990 and was a dark ride where riders came face to face with King Kong. The ride was known for it’s continuous downtime and mechanical errors that kept it down. The ride closed in 2002 to make room for the new coaster.

Kongfrontation (1990-2002) Credit:

Now back to the present day. First thing to note when you go to ride Mummy is you have to leave bags in a free locker or with a non-rider. You can bring loose articles such as phones, keys, glasses, etc., but no bags are allowed on the ride.

Locker bank for Mummy. Credit: bioreconstruct on Twitter

After you put your bag in a locker you will enter the queue. The first couple rooms of the queue are designed after a hot set, as the story is that you are an extra in a sequel of The Mummy. So the first couple rooms have a lot of movie props from The Mummy movies, which can be cool to look at during a long wait. Then you enter the main room of the queue which is themed after a 1940’s archeological dig site. Be warned that this part of the queue is VERY dark. It is so dark that I even ran into a rope from a part of the switchbacks because I couldn’t see, so if you have sensitive eyes, be warned about this.

The hot set part of the queue. Credit:
Dig site part of the queue. Credit:

When you get to the loading station, the grouper will put you into one of four rows. This ride has a double loading station to increase capacity, as this ride can only hold 16 riders per train, so they have to run multiple trains and a double loading station defiantly helps keep the line move. You sit down and the train and pull down your lap bar. The lap bar is just a standard lap bar but still works well, it isn’t uncomfortable or anything.

The ride begins as you make your first turn and hear a voice telling you to get out to avoid the curse. You then come across an animatronic of Imotep, the mummy who is trying to come after the riders souls. This animatronic is one of Universal’s best, as it is extremely fluent and lifelike.

Imhotep animatronic. Credit:

You then turn into a second room where the main dark ride section takes place. Yes, this coaster is part dark ride, part roller coaster. Unlike Gringotts, it is way more coaster, but the dark ride section is a significant part in the ride experience. In this room, you find treasure on your left and right while there are mummies popping out at you and fire spitting out. This is arguably the most immersive part of the ride, as it really does feel like you are in a temple!

Part of the dark ride section. Photo Credit:

After the dark ride section, you turn 180 degrees where you face a screen of scrambling beetles. As the beetles are scrambling your car slowly accelerates backwards into a turntable. Your train then turns to face the launch track. The train then accelerates to it’s top speed at 40 mph while going through an illuminated cutout of Imhotep. This is when the ride enters the main coaster section, consisting of low bank turns and small little hills that surprisingly give some nice pops of airtime. After the main coaster section, you come to a stop where it seems like the ride is over because you see a fake ride op telling you to remain seated. The operator’s soul is sucked out and the whole ceiling lights on fire. This is a really cool moment for the ride, as you can feel the heat encompass the whole ride vehicle.

The fire ceiling near the end of the ride. Photo Credit: (Ithemepark)

After the fire ceiling, the coaster drops at it’s max drop height of 39 feet. I found this to be an aggressive drop, as it felt very abrupt and jolty, but in a good way! You then make a turn or two more before hitting the final break run. Brendan Fraser welcomes you back and you exit to your left. The exit is down a long ramp which leads to the booth where you can get your on-ride photo and the rides gift shop.

Sahara traders gift shop at the end of the ride. Credit:

My thoughts: This is by far one of my favorite rides at Universal Studios Florida. The mixture of dark ride and coaster is very well done and I can see why this is consistently voted one of the best indoor coasters in the world. The theming is top notch, the dark ride portion is awesome, and the main coaster portion is very fun with some fun turns and unexpected surprises. This is definitely one of my favorite themed coasters of all time.

Tips: Surprisingly with this being one of the best rides in the park, it doesn’t get too long of waits for Universal standards. It usually sees a wait time around 30-45 minutes, sometimes even lower, on busy days, and around 60-90 on a busy day. I would still do this around the first two hours of park opening to ensure a short wait. Note that their is a single rider line, which should reduce your wait time around half. I did have the opportunity to use the single rider line when the line was about a half-hour and I walked right on, so it honestly all depends on the timing.

Final Thoughts: This is a great indoor coaster and one of my favorite theme park attractions in the world. The theming is awesome and the coaster itself is just pure fun. I would absolutely recommend riding it once and if you end up liking it as much as I do try to go for a couple more rides. It really is just that good of a ride!

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