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Hollywood Rip Ride Rockit Review Universal Studios Florida


Hollywood Rip Ride Rockit is an X-Car coaster manufactured by Maurer Sohne located at Universal Studios Florida. The ride opened in 2009 and is located in the Production Central area of the park. This ride is unique in that you can pick a song from a set playlist to listen to during the experience, something you can’t do on any other coaster in the world. Today I will be going through the entire experience to show what you can expect when you go to ride!

First thing you will notice when you go to ride is that you cannot just go directly to the entrance. The park has a strict policy where you cannot bring ANY loose articles on the ride. This includes hats, glasses, cell phones, keys, etc. The lockers are free, and you must use them since they require you to go through metal detectors to make sure your pockets are clear.

Attraction Entrance. Credit:
Free lockers outside the ride. Credit:
Metal detectors outside the entrance

When you enter the queue, you will realize it isn’t anything special nor is it well themed. There is just some murals painted on the building surrounding you and some screens playing, and once you get into the shaded part of the queue it is just some switchbacks. You will know you are getting closer to the station when you are on the staircase and can hear the safety spiel video on repeat, which can get really annoying if you wait a while!

Main queue area for the ride. Credit:
Final staircase to the station. Credit:

When you get to the station you will realize that this is a continuous loading station. That means when the trains enter the station, the car never stops moving, as it moves very slowly to get people on and off trains at a quicker pace. This is done due to the rides lower capacity. The coaster can only fit 12 guests, but they run 7 trains with the moving station to keep the line moving.

The rides moving platform in the station. Credit:

After boarding the train, you will pull down your lap bar and select a song from an iPod located in between the two grab bars. Here you can choose your song from a set playlist OR you can pick a song from a hidden playlist. To do this, you must hold down the logo at the top for ten seconds and a keypad will appear. You have to type in a three digit number to get the song you want and it will play. The titles of the hidden tracks can be found online if you search as there are 50+ hidden songs. I did this both times I rode and picked “Lose Yourself” by Eminem. If you have no idea what song to pick, go with that, as it’s motivational and just plain fun to listen to on the ride, the number to activate the song is 306!

After you board, you will start ascending the 167 foot vertical chain lift. This tends to scare the daylights out of a lot of people as you are literally sent straight up into the air. Your song will also begin playing as you are ascending. You then drop down around the same height as the drop. The weird thing about this ride is that usually when a coaster has a vertical lift hill, it will usually drop vertically or beyond vertical, but this ride does not.

Vertical lift and first drop. Credit:

After dropping, the ride enters the non-inverting loop. This is the ride’s signature element, as it’s right after the lift hill in everyone’s sight. It is big and gives some great airtime going over it.

Non-inverting loop. Credit:

After the non-inverting loop, the ride enters a bunch of banked turns and helixes, while hitting a lot of mid course break runs which are there so Universal can run seven trains. To me the mid course break runs did not affect the ride too much at all, actually it added some airtime going in and out of them. But other then the non-inverting loop, the only other parts of the ride that really wow’d me were the turn through the building in New York, the overbanked turn following that, and another overbank over the queue. Those were very fun moments for the ride. Overall, the layout kind of suffers because it doesn’t do a lot of high intensity elements, but it’s still fun!

The banked turn through the building facade in New York. Credit:

After the ride, there is a booth where you can purchase an on-ride video with the song that you picked. I don’t know how much the videos are but I would guess they’re around $25-$40? Note that the song element in the video will not work for the hidden track list.

My Thoughts: I really really like this coaster. I didn’t come in with high expectations or anything but this thing really surprised me! I had heard people talking about the ride being rough but I thought it was very smooth! Again the layout is nothing special, but this thing is just fun and I think part of that stems from the music concept. Listening to music while going through the layout, especially a song you like, really adds to the ride and I think if it didn’t have the music feature the ride would not be as good. Again the layout isn’t anything special, but it’s just a fun ride that anyone who likes roller coasters will come off liking this thing.

Tips: Ride this within the first two hours of operation. The low capacity means the line can get long and stay long throughout the day. There is a single rider line, but it might not save you too much time since they can only fit so many people on a train. Also, try to ride at night if you can if the line isn’t long. The ride, in my opinion, is so much better at night because there are lights glowing all around you from everything else in the resort. It’s super cool!

Final Thoughts: This is a fun ride and I don’t get why many people don’t enjoy this ride. Between the music, airtime, forces, and just all out fun, this is a ride you simply can’t miss when you come to the park. Ride it if you love roller coasters or just want to ride a plain fun ride!

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